Peel NRE, group company of energy firm Peel L&P, has revealed plans for its Protos carbon dioxide (CO2) network, a project that could capture 800,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

The company aims to develop the pipeline at Protos – an energy and resource destination near Ellesmere Port – as part of the HyNet North West plan for the North West to become a leading carbon capture hub. 

The network will initially concentrate on energy generators at Protos, with scope for expansion to capturing CO2 from the industrial corridor between Ellesmere Port and Runcorn. 

Initial targets could see the project capturing 800,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, with the potential for increasing capacity to over 1.2m tonnes. 

Stating that the company’s vision has always been to underpin the circular economy, Jane Gaston, Protos Development Director, Peel NRE, added, “In turn, we’ve unlocked hundreds of millions of pounds of investment into the North West.”

“The CO2 network is the next major step on our journey to create a destination for low carbon energy and support the transition to net zero.” 

The company has also began working on ways to reduce ‘costly and complex’ individual connections to the regional carbon capture pipeline by creating strategic CO2 hubs, in addition to exploring the potential of bringing liquid CO2 from other operations in the North West. 

“The network would make Protos one of the North West’s first carbon-capture ready destinations, meaning businesses wanting to locate to the region would have the option of connecting to a local CO2 network,” said Gaston.