Petróleos Mexicanos has begun the process for the selection of suitable partners for the supply of hydrogen (H2) to the refineries in Cadereyta, in the state of Nuevo León, and Madero, in the state of Tamaulipas.

Such alliances will allow for cost reduction and improvement of the reliability in H2 production, in order to reduce risks in the crude oil processing capacity and also reduce the frequency of unscheduled shutdowns.

In February last year, Petróleos Mexicanos finalised its first joint venture in auxiliary services for the National Refining System, upon entering into an agreement with Air Liquide, which created income of $51m for Pemex. The French company will supply H2 to the Miguel Hidalgo refinery in Tula for the next 20 years.

On the 17th April 2018, Petróleos Mexicanos entered into a partnership with Linde for the long-term supply of H2 to the Francisco I. Madero refinery in Ciudad Madero.

Linde will make an investment of around $40m for the joint operation of the H2 plant, which has the capacity to produce 42 million cubic feet of gas per day.

Petróleos Mexicanos, on its part, will provide the totality of the operating structure; the company has highly- qualified personnel with wide-ranging experience in the refining field, mainly of whom live in the region.

As is the case with many refining companies worldwide, with this agreement Pemex Transformación Industrial entrusts its H2 supply to a highly-specialised company such as Linde, which will increase the operating reliability of Pemex as a whole, reduce the number of unscheduled shutdowns, and increase the company’s savings.

These projects, contained in the framework of the Pemex Business Plan for 2017-2021, will also allow for the strengthening of the operating performance in these refineries, and increase the production of gasoline and diesel fuels.