Pentair plc has completed its first biogas upgrading project in Scandinavia.

Major paper producer Norske Skog chose Pentair Haffman’s biogas upgrading system for its paper mill in Halden, Norway. The biogas plant is connected to the mill’s existing sewage treatment plant and processes sewage sludge from the paper production process.

Pentair Haffman’s multi-stage membrane-based biogas upgrading system has a raw gas capacity of 600 Nm3 per hour that is upgraded to approximately 490 Nm3 per hour of biomethane.

The biomethane produced will be compressed into compressed natural gas (CNG) and sold to an external gas supplier. The CNG is expected to be used to power a fleet of around 70 buses and trucks in the region.

Norske Skog’s move into biogas production strengthens the mill’s competitiveness by generating additional revenue streams and providing a positive addition to renewable energy usage in the region.

All components of Pentair Haffman’s biogas upgrading system were preassembled on cubic steel skids and converted into a weather-proof building onsite for easy transport and installation.

Since entering the biogas upgrading market in 2010, Pentair has completed more than 40 successful projects in this field in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, South Africa, the Philippines and the US.

Pentair norske skog halden 0512[8]

Source: Pentair plc

Rune Østgård (third from left in the picture), Norske Skog customer representative and Project Manager, and Niels Lommen (pictured third from right), Pentair Haffmans Project Manager Systems, together with further team members of both companies, celebrated the opening of the Saugbrugs biogas upgrading system.