Carbon capture specialist Pentair and Crocketford-based Dry Ice Scotland, the UK’s largest independent dry ice manufacturer and distributor, are to launch a new production site that will produce renewably generated bio-carbon dioxide (CO2).

Run by brothers Richard and Ed Nimmons, the facility will capture, purify and liquefy CO2 sourced from biogas emitted from a nearby anaerobic digester plant, before being used to manufacture dry ice. 

Stating that the plant will allow the company to focus on producing a renewable product, Ed Nimmons added, “We are delighted to have Pentair’s support in building and commissioning the plant which has decarbonised our operations and represents an important step to decarbonising our industry on a broader scale.” 

The dry ice will be used across a range of industries from food and beverage delivery to vaccine or biological sample transport to keep products at a cool, stable temperature for much longer than regular ‘wet’ ice. 

David Hynes, Biogas & CO2 Systems Sales Manager, Pentair called it a ‘positive step forward’ for helping industries to decarbonise.

Dry Ice Scotland recently spoke with gasworld in an exclusive article available here.