Two UK companies have joined forces in an initiative to construct biogas upgrading plants across the country while capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) produced from the plants.

Biogas operator Future Biogas and Haffmans B.V, a subsidiary of sustainable solutions provider Pentair Water Process Technology (Pentair) will work together to construct Pentair Biogas Upgrading Plans integrated with Pentair CO2 Recovery Bolt-On systems.

This technology will allow Pentair to convert biogas emitted from Future Biogas’ anaerobic digestion (AD) plants into biomethane, as well as recovering any CO2 generated.

Already operating 10 AD plants in the UK, Philipp Lukas, CEO, Future Biogas, sees the partnership as a positive opportunity for low carbon biogas in the UK.

“Our cooperation will provide UK customers with sustainable and cost-effective solutions for biogas upgrading, CO2 recovery, carbon capture and sequestration for the AD industry in the UK,” he said.

The CO2 captured is planned to be stored under the North Sea via Future Biogas’ planned Humber port facility.