After recent talks of an argon shortage, US-based PENTAX Medical has launched an argon plasma coagulation platform, the ENDO PLUS.

PENTAX Medical added new dedicated electrosurgical and argon plasma coagulation (APC) platforms – the ENDO ARC and ENDO PLUS – to its therapeutic accessories range.

The launch of these units strengthens PEXTAX Medical’s integrated endoscopy solutions offering, completing the pathway from screening to diagnostics and into therapeutics.

Recent talks of an argon shortage and the tightening of supply has affected many companies involved within argon market. March (2018) saw Airgas increase the price of bulk argon in due to increases in supply costs, production expenses and customer demand. Other large industrial companies also upped prices, expanded facilities, and made other changes in response to the tightening of argon.

The new addition from PENTAX Medical highlights the continued use of argon within the healthcare sector. PENTAX’s ENDO PLUS provides contact-free operation for argon-assisted electrosurgery. With the additional benefit of APC, allowing endoscopists to take advantage of fast, contact-free coagulation that is simple to administer for a range of procedures.

Specifically designed for endoscopy, Argon FLEX and Argon Flex 90° disposable APC probes for use with the ENDO PLUS have round ceramic tips to prevent trauma and protect the working channel of the endoscope. This allows for safe and reliable low flow rates of 0.4-0.4l/min.

“The launch of ENDO ARC and ENDO PLUS therapeutic accessories further extends our innovative solutions package across our colonoscopy, esophageal and biliopancreatic platforms,” said Rainer Burkard, President EMEA, of PENTAX Medical.

“With this further expansion of our portfolio, we continue to enhance our world-class integrated endoscopy offering from diagnostics through to therapy. These new electrosurgical systems are fulling customised and dedicated to interventional endoscopy for both standard and more advanced endoscopic procedures,” Burkard concluded.