British engineer Richard Blackhurst's business is a breath of fresh air for those with respiratory conditions.

Based in Manchester, England, his company Pure 02, supplies 5,000 portable oxygen concentrators each year and says more businesses and health-conscious individuals are buying their own sources of oxygen.

Today, around half the firm's £1m annual turnover comes from companies that want to keep staff on their toes, or individuals keen to boost their oxygen intake to help with sports or well being. The other half comes from patients with a medical need for oxygen, but find the large cylinders provided by the health authorities unwieldy. After four years in the industry business is booming and Richard expects turnover to triple to £3m in the next 12 months.

He explained more about the success of his product saying, $quot;We supply oxygen for all kinds of needs, but the core of the business is selling mobile and portable oxygen concentrators for patients with a medical need because they have emphysema, respiratory diseases or heart problems. Our devices can be about the size of a handbag which means, unlike big NHS gas cylinders, people can still get out and about.$quot;

Mr Blackhurst and his eight-strong team are now expanding from 02 into H20, with an oxygen-saturated water product. He said: $quot;Podswater is a solution which has been enabled to hold 900 times more oxygen than salt-water. Our US partners have done testing and it could make a real difference with infections like MRSA. It might also be useful for cleaning wounds because of its antiseptic properties.

$quot;It is in the early stages but our US partners are desperate for us to get to grips with this product in the UK market.$quot;