One of Sweden’s most prominent chemistry groups, Perstorp, has renewed its application to the EU Innovation Fund for Project Air – a project that aims to build a sustainable methanol production facility in Stenungssund, Sweden.

Intending to take part in the project alongside partners Fortum and Uniper, Perstorp’s submission comprises of a €97m application to join Project Air, which could help reduce global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 400,000 tonnes. 

With methanol used in making chemical products with thousands of applications, sustainable methanol could help provide large-scale decarbonisation to manufacturing sectors within a range of industries. 

Stating that Project Air is an ‘urgent priority’ for Perstorp, Jan Secher, President, CEO, Perstorp, added, “This project is a unique opportunity, but also a challenge for Swedish industry and energy policy.” 

The methanol is produced through several renewable energy processes, including the use of biogas, hydrogen from electrolysis and residue streams, and CO2 captured from Perstorp’s own facilities. 

The total investment in Project Air is anticipated to be €236m.