Its global range of leak detector solutions has been in operation since 1966, signifying 50 years of product development this year. Now, German manufacturing company Pfeiffer Vacuum has released its latest line of leak detectors onto the market.

The company was founded back in 1890 and has grown to be a leading global manufacturer of components and systems for generating, measuring and analysing vacuum and detecting leaks.

The corporation has coordinated a string of innovations throughout its history, starting with the world’s first helium (He) leak detector, launched in 1966. The ASM 4 was designed and engineered in-house, and marks 50 years of leak detector inventions for the German company. 

Pfeiffer Vacuum then launched the first leak detector with an integrated turbopump, the ASM 110, in 1985, and followed with the first portable leak detector, the ASM 310, which was launched in 2009.

The manufacturing company is continuing its innovation trend up to the present day, and has released its new range of leak detectors onto the market, with three new revolutionary models added to its portfolio.

Pfeiffer vacuum leak detection 3 models

Firstly, the new compact ASM 340 is the only leak detector of its class on the market that is able to localise leaks at 100 hectopascal (hPa), and can be used from industrial and analytic applications to research and development. It boasts a fast response time due to its high He pumping speed and maintains a high part throughput.

Secondly, the ASI 35 modular leak detector uses He or hydrogen (H2) as a tracer gas and can be used in various operating modes in vacuum testing or sniffing tests, including multi-point tests, at the maximum sensitivity. With an extremely short cycle time of only one second, the ASI 35 allows a high throughput with maximum rung time.

Pfeiffer Vacuum is the only company that offers such an extensive portfolio of leak detectors using He or H2 as a tracer gas for a broad spectrum of use.


And finally, the AMI 120 has been designed as a unique in-process system for non-destructive leak testing of pharmaceutical blister packs. This new innovation allows sensitive quantitative leak testing without the use of special tracer gases. The AMI 120 can measure the leak rate within a cycle time of less than 45 seconds, even from just one tenth of a micrometre.

Matthias Wiemer, a member of the Management Board of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG, highlights, “Pfeiffer Vacuum is the only company that offers such an extensive portfolio of leak detectors using He or H2 as a tracer gas for a broad spectrum of use. Pfeiffer Vacuum develops and produces leak detectors and helium recovery systems for applications requiring a guaranteed high production throughput as well as leak-tight parts.”

Additionally, Pfeiffer Vacuum has released a new handbook, entitled ‘Leak Detection Compendium,’ which provides extensive expertise on leak detection and leak testing, with diagrams, photos, tips and tables for everyday leak detector tasks, with Wiemer explaining, “It brings together concentrated expertise in a handy pocket-sized book.”