Pfeiffer Vacuum has introduced the CenterLine series of analog vacuum gauges.

The CenterLine gauges are equipped with either an 8-pin FCC connector or a 15-pin D-sub connector. These connectors are widely used in industry, which makes their integration into existing systems easier for users.

Customers can choose between a variety of measuring sensors from ultra-high vacuum up to atmospheric pressure. The compact CenterLine series permits space-saving installation in vacuum process systems, analytical instruments, leak detectors and other numerous applications.

Centerline uses state-of-the-art controllers. They allow communication via USB and Ethernet interfaces, and the brilliant LCD screen makes it easy to read the measured value.

The gauges are automatically detected by the controller, which ensures safe and easy installation. In addition to the analog output, some gauges have set points for better process control.

The CenterLine PTR 91 FullRange® gauge has Pirani and cold cathode sensors integrated into a single, compact housing with a display range from 5·10-9 to 1000mbar. The cold cathode offers a very low external magnetic field. The innovative design of the measuring chambers extends its service life considerably. A removable dual chamber ensures easy and cost effective maintenance, which can easily be performed by the user.