Pfeiffer Vacuum has launched a new ultra-fast and accurate helium and hydrogen sniffer leak detector.

The ASM 306 S will address any industrial sniffing applications, especially refrigeration and air conditioning, Pfeiffer Vacuum said in a product release. 

Leakage control using sniffing measurements before the final refrigerant gas charge, is one of the last steps of the production process. This requires the highest testing reliability to increase productivity and quality levels.

The ASM 306 S helps to meet those challenges. The product combines the advantages of a proven technology regarding sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability.

The ASM 306 S has been designed to offer fast and repeatable measurements, whether helium or hydrogen is used as tracer gas. This unit offers the fastest recovery in case of big leaks to maximize uptime.


Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum

Co-designed with the user in mind, the ergonomics of the sniffer probe has been a major focus allowing the operator to be able to hold the sniffer probe during their entire working shift.

The high flow probe will help to pinpoint leaks easily without missing any of them. The probe is available with various hose lengths to easily adapt to any application and cables can be exchanged independently from the probe itself.

Specific attention has been placed on the robustness of the complete ASM 306 S, including the probe and its cable, to provide a full-time sniffing unit with low cost of ownership.

The main display of the ASM 306 S offers easy readability with its 7-inch size, fully tactile and high-resolution screen. With the test information visible directly on the probe for easy visual management, thanks to colour LEDs lightning up in real time in accordance to the display, operators can focus on test parts.