Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG has released multiple products developed by its new subsidiary Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC) that eliminate the need for special tracer gases by using air as part of its leading leak testing technology.

The devices operate according to patented Micro-Flow technology, consisting of an integrated micro sensor that works on accelerated flow.

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Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum

Leak testing with patented Micro-Flow technology: E-PDQ

The use of the Micro-Flow sensor in Mass Extraction techniques works on the principle of rarefied gas flow. This type of testing is ideal for enclosed objects, such as pharmaceutical packaging and electronic components, that are being tested for water tightness. Sensitivity of up to 5-10-6 mbar l/s can be achieved with this method.

Micro-Flow and Mass Extraction technologies are said to offer faster testing speeds, low susceptibility to ambient changes and higher sensitivity.

The company’s new optical emission spectroscopy device doesn’t use tracer gases either. Instead, the AMI device utilises a patented method that uses the existing gas mixture in the cavities inside the packaging to perform high-sensitivity testing over an extended measuring range.

The AMI was designed for high sensitivity integrity testing in a variety of different packaging types and can perform helium leak testing and rough leak testing with just one device.

Pfeiffer Vacuum acquired 100% of the shares of flow test instrument provider ATC last month.

ATC, an Indianapolis-based company founded in 1988, is a chief supplier of precision industrial leak and flow test products and solutions based on its patented micro-flow technology.

Pfeiffer Vacuum presented these latest test technologies at the Interpack and Control trade fairs in Germany.