Pfeiffer Vacuum, a vacuum solutions provider based in Germany, has developed a new industrial leak detection solution, with the highest performance in helium (He) and hydrogen (H2).

The modular leak detector ASI 35 provides performances for tracer gases in both integral and localising test procedures, enabling flexibility for testing samples with minimum signal background and crosstalk, generating fast overall cycle times.

It can be designed to test in various operational modes for vacuum or sniffing tests with high sensitivity levels, and can therefore sustain a very high throughput as well as maintaining accuracy and reproducibility of its measurement results.

The ASI 35 only needs two cables to connect the vacuum and electronic modules, enabling an easy set up, and the user interface is optional since the unit can be controlled via a computer.

Devised for machine builders, system integrators and end users, the machine has a low maintenance turbopump for a high He pumping speed, offers a multipoint sniffing technique, and has updated electronic features.

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