German vacuum solutions specialist Pfeiffer Vacuum (Pfeiffer) has expanded its range of OktaLine ATEX explosion-proof Root pumps, a specifically designed type of pump that meets the highest explosion protection requirements, according to Pfeiffer.

Revealed in an announcement today, May 17th, the updated series will see pumping speeds range from 280 to 8,100 m3/h (cubic metres per hour). 

Capable of being used in either equipment category 2G or 3G, depending on the application, the pump is suited to be used in a range of industries from chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical to vacuum furnaces or heat treatment. 

Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum

The temperature classification of the pump is T3, meaning that the highest temperature allowed is 200C without igniting anything in the area. 

Revealing that installation of the device is possible without flame arresters – making available the full pumping speed of the pump – Pfeiffer also stated that the pumps can be used at ambient temperatures ranging from -20C to +40C. 

To eliminate the need for weak points such as shaft seals, the OktaLine pumps are magnetically coupled - reducing the risk of zone entrainment - and hermetically sealed with low leak rates, resulting in operating costs that are claimed by Pfeiffer to be 20% lower than usual. 

Surge resistant up to 1600 kPa (kilopascal), the pumps come with an integrated temperature sensor designed to protect the device against thermal overload, in addition to monitoring the gas temperature in the outlet area,