Australia-based gas processing system specialist Oxair is supplying its pressure-swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen generation systems to the Philippines, helping to ensure a continuous flow of life-saving oxygen to patients.

By switching from ordering traditional medical oxygen cylinders to PSA technology, hospitals can reduce the reliance on external oxygen delivery by generating oxygen onsite, a feature that could make the difference between life and death for patients at healthcare facilities located in remote parts of low and middle income countries (LMICs). 

Supplied throughout the country by Brilliant Metal Craft & Machine Design (BMC), the organisation has now installed nearly 40 Oxair PSA systems from Isabela to Tagum City. 

Oxair PSA system

Oxair PSA system

Source: Oxair

Using air extracted directly from the atmosphere, the systems enable the supply of 94-95% purity medical oxygen through PSA filtration, a process that separates air into its constituent components. 

Stating that the systems can help secure the supply of oxygen for the hospital, Kristine Belle, BMC, added, “No more worries and red tape associated with deliveries of cylinder-stored oxygen. Handling and storage difficulties are also effectively eliminated.” 

With ongoing Covid-19 cases putting increased strain upon the medical oxygen supply chain, another advantage of onsite gas generation is the cost, equating to just a fraction of purchased oxygen. 

“We’ve seen terrible consequences from a lack of life-saving medical oxygen, especially when treating Covid-19 patients,” said David Cheeseman, Oxair. 

“Medical facilities in the Philippines can rely on our technology for their oxygen needs as it is tried and tested over many years and the installations are carried out by BMC to an extremely high standard.”