The PalmSense2 is the next generation of portable, handheld fiber optic temperature measurement systems from Photon Control Inc.

The PalmSense2 is perfect for measurement in high temperature RF environments or EMI applications in labs and field service. The PalmSense2 is perfect where mobility is important, giving the freedom to move around critical sensing points with the system’s 24 hour battery life in continuous use. Recharge the PalmSense2 via USB connection and easily download externally via USB 2.0 from the systems 4MB internal memory.

ThePalmSense2 Features a wide temperature range 0 to +450 °C, high accuracy of +/- 0.05°C,(probe dependent) and resolution of +/- 0.01°C. The PalmSense2 can be paired with both contact and immersion temperature measurement probes, packaged in a handheld light-weight design with a large 160 x 240 pixels LCD display. The PalmSense2 is the perfect fit for Research and Life Science applications along with EMI, RF, X-ray, microwave and harsh chemical environments.