Picarro, Inc. has received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan 2009 North American Technology Innovation of the Year Award, for its innovative line of trace gas and stable isotope analysers.

The award cites Picarro’s development and commercial deployment of wavelength-scanned cavity ring down spectroscopy (WS-CRDS), the core technology that enables a unique combination of sensitivity, specificity and simplicity of operation.

The award will be presented at Frost & Sullivan’s 2009 Excellence in Emerging Technologies Awards Banquet, held in San Francisco on 9th June 2009.

Rajaram Vijayan of Frost & Sullivan explained, “Our analysts selected Picarro’s WS-CRDS technology for this year’s award because they believe this technology is playing a pivotal role in changing applications for environmental and industrial trace gas analysis.$quot;

Michael Woelk, CEO of Picarro, proudly added, “We are very gratified to receive this high profile award. Previous winners include companies such as BMW, Intel, and Kodak, and we are honoured to be associated with these market luminaries, whose names are synonymous with both technical excellence and industry leadership.$quot;

$quot;We are striving to reach these very same goals in our field of trace gas and stable isotope analysis. I’d also like to recognise the great team of colleagues that I’m fortunate to work with at Picarro. These are the people who are really responsible for winning this award, and for achieving the phenomenal growth we’ve experienced over the past year.$quot;