The new Picarro G1302 trace gas analyser is the first turnkey instrument capable of simultaneously measuring CO and CO2 with high precision, in real-time, and with minimal calibration required.

Suitable for remotely operated (unattended) GHG monitoring applications, including tall-tower measurements as well as for research and reference laboratory use, the G1302 provides lower overall costs than previous technologies.

Specifically, the unit also delivers measurement precision down to 2 ppbv for CO, 50 ppbv for CO2 and based on Picarro’s proven wavelength-scanned cavity ring down spectroscopy (WS-CRDS) technology, the analyser also provides quantitative data on H2O concentration levels.

In field CO2 monitoring applications, CO is commonly used as an anthropogenic CO2 emission indicator as well as a method to co-identify CO and CO2 plumes of incendiary origin, as opposed to natural origin from soils. Traditional technologies require frequent calibration and maintenance, as well as the use of a different analyser for each gas species.

As the Picarro G1302 analyser is based on WS-CRDS technology however, crosstalk between the detected species and other atmospheric gas constituents is avoided, allowing the new device to simultaneously monitor multiple species, with superior precision than older single-gas methods.