Picarro has launched a family of products for measuring and monitoring ethylene oxide, which will support accurate exposure data.

Source: Picarro

Ethylene Oxide Analyser

The Ethylene Oxide Gas Concentration Analyzers have been configured to enable measurements of ethylene oxide at the source of emission.

The analysers enable services providers, regulators and researchers access to accurate measurements of ethylene oxide, so minimising and preventing exposure to this toxic gas, according to Picarro.

Ethylene oxide, a powerful sterilant but also a carcinogen, is an important chemical used for the sterilisation of medical equipment. Its demand has gone up during the coronavirus pandemic and is also used by the textile industry, detergent producers and the natural gas industry.

“If we want to limit industrial emissions of ethylene oxide and understand how fugitive emissions impact public health, we need to first be able to measure how ethylene oxide disperses and persists in our environment,” said Joel Avrunin, Vice-President of Scientific Instrumentation at Picarro.

“We are pleased to introduce a solution that gives previously unavailable insight to support industry and our communities in this task.”

The ethylene oxide family of analysers is available as three standalone products. The G2910 Stack and Indoor Air Quality Analyzer introduces technical services companies to the most sensitive (<250 ppt limits of detection), interference free, real-time measurement of ethylene oxide concentrations, enabling new measurement opportunities and more efficient deployments. Applications include hospital and industrial sterilisation.

The G2920 Fugitive Analyzer introduces the measurement community to a platform that supports long-term monitoring of emissions at the fenceline. The G2930 Ambient Analyzer represents the greatest improvement in ethylene oxide detection (<25 ppt limits of detection) and meets an ambitious goal of protecting communities from long-term exposure to ethylene oxide, according to Picarro.

At the heart of the new Picarro analysers is a high-resolution spectrometer that can identify the unique spectral signature of ethylene oxide among other common compounds in the atmosphere. As a result, the systems are insensitive to cross-interference from isopropyl alcohol, BTEX, water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane and others.

Santa Clara, California-based Picarro is a provider of solutions to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations, trace gases and stable isotopes across many scientific applications.