Picarro, Inc. has partnered with the O.I. Corporation to develop a turnkey analyser for the measurement of total organic carbon (TOC), as well as the carbon stable isotope ratio (δ13C).

The new iTOC-CRDS works directly with solids, liquids, sludges and slurries, and is formally launched at the Pittcon® 2009 technical conference and exhibition in Chicago this week. The iTOC-CRDS is an integrated, small and easy-to-use system that can either perform wet oxidation on the carbon content of aqueous solutions, or combustion of solid/semi-solid organic materials to generate CO2.

The Picarro isotopic analyser then measures the liberated CO2 and is proven to be effective, based on wavelength scanned cavity ringdown spectroscopy (WS-CRDS). The system delivers δ13C precision as high as 0.2‰ (permil) in seconds or minutes, depending on sample specifics.

In both cases, the CO2 is introduced directly into the WS-CRDS unit with no drying or other purification necessary.

Michael Woelk, CEO of Picarro, Inc. said, “Our company is committed to providing both the simplest solution and best data for all our target applications. In some instances this means integrating a specialised front-end on to our trace gas or isotope analyzers, to provide a fine-tuned turnkey solution.”

“In the area of TOC, it was a natural to partner with O.I. Corporation since they bring proven TOC technology plus name-brand recognition and instant credibility in several markets that are new to Picarro.”

Applications for the new instrument include the origin of food and adulteration analyses for such products as wine, fruit juice, edible oils, including olive oil, seeds, nuts, fruits, chocolate, and dairy products.