A hydrogen vehicle test is to take place in the Lehigh Valley area of America in an attempt to help persuade Americans to make the switch to the new fuel.

Two hydrogen powered shuttle buses will be involved in the two-year test – one used at the Trexlertown headquarters of Air Products and Chemicals and the other based at the Da Vinci Discovery Centre of Science and Technology where it will be used for educational purposes.

Both buses are to be built by the Ford Motor Company and will fill up at a specialised fuel station on Air Products base.

The company has said the pilot program will serve as the first US test of a new fuelling concept. A modified hydrogen trailer will carry liquid hydrogen which will be pumped into the bus as a high-pressure gas.

And it says no-one has designed a single vehicle which can deliver liquid hydrogen and convert it into a gas - most prototype hydrogen buses and cars run on high-pressure gas.
And Air Products says this will be a breakthrough because hydrogen can be delivered more efficiently as a liquid meaning more fuel can be brought to a pumping station in a single tanker-load and fewer tanker trips.