PKU Pioneer has revealed that it is to build the world’s largest PSA-CO (carbon monoxide) plant to serve a 400,000 tonnes per annum ethylene glycol plant, which is using the by-product coke oven crude gas from a project of the Xinjiang Guanghui Coke Cleaning and Refinery Co. Ltd.

The PSA-CO plant will produce 45,720 Nm3/h of CO product gas with a minimum purity of 98.5%, all to be used for the production of the glycol plant.

In addition, the composition of the crude gas is complicated, with more than 50% nitrogen and the content of CO at only around 28%.

The project’s main contractor has been searching to find a company that has the technology and experience to purify CO from a raw gas with such a high content of nitrogen, with a recovery rate of more than 86%.

The project is also the first of its kind in China to make use of coke oven crude gas to produce ethylene glycol and is scheduled to put into production in 2021.