In response to increased demand in the semiconductor market, Edwards has invested in a new 200,000-sqaure-foot facility for the efficient and environmentally sustainable production of chips.

News of the site comes at a time of various supply concerns for the industry, following skyrocketing demands and now worries for the stability of rare gases supply as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.

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To help tackle the above concerns in the semiconductor market, we are now witnessing an uptake in widespread investment in the US’ manufacturing capabilities. Just earlier this year Intel said it will invest more than $20bn in two new chip manufacturing factories in Ohio, US. 

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Once complete, the new Edwards facility will feature warehousing, factory areas, meeting rooms and a dedicated training centre. It is hoped that all of this will create approximately 200 new jobs.

Troy Metcalf, President of Edwards Semiconductor Service, said, “Unprecedented growth in the semiconductor market to meet the world’s growing consumer demand has resulted in extraordinary growth in demand for Edwards’ products and services.”

“Looking ahead, this growth is set to continue, with our customers in the US investing billions of dollars in additional manufacturing capacity. At Edwards, we have a long tradition of supporting our customers with local service and manufacturing capabilities, and our investment in the Chandler facility continues that transition.”

“With the utilisation of the latest in smart manufacturing techniques and advanced automation, this new facility will be instrumental in supporting the safe, productive and environmentally sustainable manufacturing of semiconductors in North America.”

As gasworld reported in January (2022), demand for semiconductors is as much as 17% higher in 2021 than it was in 2019, and consumers aren’t seeing commensurate increases in the available supply, according to the US Department of Commerce.

The semiconductor shortage has been a hot topic in the US since the start of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), as demand for electronics saw incredible growth when families were restricted to their homes during lockdowns, resulting in the need for new forms of entertainment or new computers to support work from home advice. However, as the world slowly begins to open up again, these strains are still being felt by the industry.

Semiconductor shortages can drastically affect the production of multiple products from multiple industries including, computing, healthcare, military systems, transportation and clean energy. A semiconductor is at the heart of that invention, your smartphone has a semiconductor within it, your car will feature a semiconductor chip and even your TV.

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Edwards’ commitment to the semiconductor market has been welcomed by Government officials in the Arizona region. On the announcement, Arizona’s Governor, Doug Ducey, said, “Arizona is grateful Edwards has selected Chandler as the site of its newest manufacturing facility.”

“This announcement furthers Arizona’s reputation as an unrivalled manufacturing destination and strengthens the state’s growing semiconductor supply chain.”