Plug Power Inc. has announced that it has executed on an award contract from the United States Postal Service (USPS) by developing 36 GenDrive hydrogen (H2) fuel cell units for class 1 sit-down counterbalance trucks and 49 GenDrive H2 fuel cell units for class-3 pallet jacks in their material handling fleet.

In addition, Plug Power is providing all maintenance for the products under a five-year GenCare service contract.

The H2 fuel cell-powered fleet in Capital Heights, Maryland Is now operational, having gone live on the 16th of February, during a grand opening hosted by USPS.

Plug Power CEO, Andy Marsh, commented, “Plug Power congratulates the US Postal Service for their adoption of a cleaner, more reliable energy source for powering its industrial equipment.” Fuel cells are a clean energy source, the byproducts of which are heat and water.”