Plug Power, Inc. has shipped the first production ProGen fuel cell engines for use in electric delivery vehicles.

The ProGen engines in this deal are destined for courier service company FedEx Freight delivery vans in the greater Los Angeles area and will more than double the fleet’s range of service.

Plug Power designed the ProGen engine solution to enhance the range of electric vehicles and as a robust and cost-effective solution for companies looking to adopt sustainable fuel cell power.

Fed ex


Through this shipment, the US-based business has increased its served market for fuel cell products and hydrogen (H2) fuelling stations. Financial details were not disclosed.

CEO Andy Marsh highlighted, “The electrification of the auto market is undeniable. But, common to those who consider adoption is ‘range anxiety’ – that being a fear that the vehicle will not make it to its next charge opportunity or have sufficient range for the application.”

“ProGen eliminates that stress, and for that reason, we see this market as large and impactful to Plug Power’s bottom line,” he explained.

ProGen engines are designed, engineered and manufactured in Plug Power’s facilities in New York and Washington.