Plug Power’s ReliOn Hydrogen Fuel Cells were showcased at the recently held Fuel Cell Expo in Japan held during the World Smart Energy Week.

The 2015 edition of World Smart Energy Week – the world’s leading international B2B tradeshow for smart and renewable energy – took place in Tokyo, Japan and Plug Power was excited to be a part of the event.

The three-day show served as a gigantic networking opportunity for global professionals, enabling them to conduct business, make valuable new connections, and share the latest trends and ideas.

Fuel Cell Expo was one of nine fascinating exhibitions held simultaneously during the World Smart Energy Week celebration. Each exhibition highlighted the latest, most innovative products, technologies and services from across Japan and around the world.

All together there were 1,513 exhibitors representing 28 countries/regions.

Gary Flood, vice president of International Business Development for Plug Power, attended the show and presented a joint lecture with partner Yamato H2Energy Japan that covered hydrogen and fuel cell options for small-scale stationary backup and disaster recovery power applications.

Stationary hydrogen fuel cells provide a viable solution for everyday back-up power needs, and for emergency situations that may arise in situations such as those encountered occasionally in Japan: a powerful typhoon, major earthquake, or tsunami.

During his presentation, Gary described how ReliOn fuel cell systems provide a compact, efficient, and environmentally responsible energy source for telecommunications, transportation, and other industries where the reliable, uninterrupted supply of power is critical.

Throughout the expo, the importance of sharing and collaboration was emphasized. A toast delivered by Richard Schomberg, vice president Smart Energy Standards at EDF Group, addressed this goal.

He said, “The world energy demand is climbing and innovation must be fostered… Smart Energy requires more than ever the systemic engagement of many different stakeholders. This event is a cluster of exhibitions and conferences addressing the burning questions. It provides a unique opportunity to discover what others are doing, to network, and to trigger collaboration ideas.”