Plug Power has added Lipari Foods to its growing customer list in hydrogen powered e-mobility.

Lipari Foods has selected Plug Power GenDrive fuel cells and GenFuel hydrogen fuelling station solutions to power the electric material handling vehicles at its campus in Warren, Michigan.

The fast fuelling characteristic of Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cells allows Lipari Foods to double the usage of its material handling fleet, without using real estate for batteries, battery charging, and battery charging equipment.

“Lipari Foods is a new customer we’re proud to work with, and they really showcase what we can offer: a sustainable, clean, and more cost-effective power option for material handling needs than traditional methods,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power.

“Are we’re particularly happy to be an integral part of Michigan’s continued efforts as a leader in the hydrogen economy,” Marsh continued. 

The partnership allows Lipari Foods to green its facilities, reducing greenhouse gases, while achieving operational savings.

“We’re looking to continue to grow, expand, and create jobs in Warren and in Michigan broadly,” said Thom Lipari, CEO of Lipari Foods.

“Hydrogen quite literally is powering our factories and facilities to get us where we want to go. I’m excited to see where our partnership with Plug Power takes us, and to be a part of the clean, sustainable energy ecosystem in Michigan,” Lipari continued.

Al Moy, Director of Operations at Lipari Foods, said that Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cells were superior to traditional material handling methods including both battery fast-charging and opportunity charging, “I physically did not have the dedicated space for charging stations for fast or opportunity charging strategies – it just wasn’t tenable,” he said.

“By partnering with Plug Power, we’re able to fully utilise our assets, maintain flexibility, maximise the velocity of goods, and do our jobs better and faster. Accomplishing this, while benefiting the environment and our company’s bottom line, provides wins across the board,” Moy concluded.