Plug Power Inc. has announced Belgium-based European supermarket leader Colruyt Group as its next GenDrive fuel cell customer in Europe.

Colruyt Group will use 200 GenDrive units in its Halle, Belgium, facility.

The units will be rolled-out in two phases: 75 units in phase one and 125 in phase two.

Colruyt Group – an €8.6bn chain of supermarkets in Belgium and France – is keen to increase the efficiency of its workers, in a safer environment by removing lead-acid batteries from the workplace.

With the GenDrive units powered by clean hydrogen fuel, generating only heat and water as by-products, this appears a perfect solution to the company’s needs.

“Already for many years, sustainable entrepreneurship has been embedded in the Colruyt Group’s DNA as an essential part of our business culture,” said Jonas Cautaerts, Project Engineer Energy & Environment. “We aim to set a positive spiral in motion from an economic perspective but also to create added value in the social and ecological field. Step by step, bit by bit, we are making progress, although we realise that this is an ongoing process. Hydrogen is one of the many projects we have developed to reduce our ecological impact.”

The deal is further proof of Plug Power’s continuing expansion of operations in the $20bn European electric lift truck market, with CEO Andy Marsh adding, “Plug Power’s GenDrive hydrogen fuel cell systems fits nicely with the technology-forward mission and innovative operational leadership of Colruyt Group.”

“The company’s use of GenDrive benefits its operations, its employees and its communities. We look forward to helping the company continue to grow its sustainability efforts as its business grows in Europe.”