Plug Power Inc. has entered into an agreement with electric vehicle manufacturer StreetScooter.

Through the partnership, StreetScooter will deliver 100 hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks for on-road use in a series production to Deutsche Post DHL, starting in 2020.

StreetScooter’s electric delivery vehicles will feature Plug Power’s ProGen hydrogen fuel cell engines, providing the vehicles with increased drive time and improved efficiency through clean and sustainable technology.

“It’s our mission to help change the way our customers operate, providing them with reliable and sustainable mobile solutions to improve operational efficiency,” said Fabian Schmitt, Chief Technology Officer at StreetScooter.

“Working with Plug Power to incorporate hydrogen fuel cell technology into our vehicles is yet another way we’re able to deliver on that promise.”

“The European Union is committed to reducing its COemissions through the use of hydrogen technology by 2020; it’s exciting to see governments taking that initiative towards a clean and more sustainable future,” said Andy Marsh, Plug Power CEO.

“These ambitions start to take off when private corporations take the lead and start driving these goals from the ground up. DHL’s commitment towards a cleaner future is the perfect example, and we couldn’t be prouder to be part of this work.”

Exclusive interview with Plug Power CEO

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