Plug Power’s Europe team is exhibiting as a partner at the World of Material Handling conference hosted by Linde Material Handling in Mannheim, Germany, from 4th-15th June, 2018.

Plug Power’s goal is to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen (H2) in the European manufacturing market by integrating its fuel cells into Linde warehouse vehicles.

After a routine qualification process, several warehouse vehicles including Linde’s P30C-FC electric tow trucks and E25-FC electric forklift trucks have been qualified by both Linde and Plug Power engineers for the seamless integration of H2 fuel cells. At the World of Material Handling conference, Linde is presenting that two of its new forklifts – the counterbalance truck E20FC and the reach truck R20FC – are fuel cell-ready. A full range of fuel cell-enabled trucks, from 24 up to 80V, are now available at Linde.

Through this, more small and medium sized prospects will have the opportunity to evaluate H2 for their applications. In addition, for medium-sized customers, Plug Power brings to the partnership the expertise of 20,000 deployed fuel cells and greater than 180 million run hours in mobility applications, including customers in Europe such as BMW and Daimler.

Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh, commented, “We’re excited to co-operate with Linde, one of the leading material handling equipment manufacturers in the world, to accelerate the market penetration for H2 fuel cells across Europe.”

“We believe H2 has limitless possibilities for both industrial and on-road applications; our cooperation will help expedite bringing H2 power to electric vehicles in factories across Europe, reducing their emissions and driving overall efficiency,” he concluded.