Polarmetrics Corporation, the simple to use chemical analysis systems provider, has launched its new Boreas Specialty Gas Analyser for the quick, accurate, and easy analysis of industrial and specialty gases.

Based on field proven EP-IR technology, the multi-component analyser allows producers and users of specialty gases to check mixtures, mono-blends, and impurities within the specified EPA +/- 1% or 2% certification.

With a patent pending integrated temperature and pressure controlled, multi-bounce, low volume cell, gases can be measured down to the ppb levels within a minute of analysis time.

“Traditional instruments used in the market can be slow, difficult to use, and require costly consumables and maintenance. This new infrared based technology now allows users to save money over time with limited consumables, no maintenance, and rapid analysis of gases, allowing the user to push more quality product out the door,” stated Mike Beauchaine, Director of Sales.

Each Boreas analyser comes pre-calibrated to specified gases of interest, along with easy to use software and controls.

It was only in November 2008 that Polarmetrics actually became the Polarmetrics Corporation, rather than an LLC company.

President John Beauchaine explained, “We felt organising as a C-corporation gave us better flexibility to expand well into the future and meet the needs of our customers better.”

Polarmetrics products are based on offering simple to use systems to solve complex chemical problems quickly. The company’s staff has over 80 years of combined experience in applying spectroscopy methods, design and sampling to many chemical problems.

Polarmetrics provides pre-calibrated and custom calibrated instruments that are very simple to use saving customers a great deal of time and money.