Camprofile showing weld site leak ///

Novus Sealing has received an increasing number of referrals caused by incidents where camprofile gaskets have caused leaks as a result of poor quality and manufacturing errors.

According to the company such joint failures have been referred to Novus Sealing for independent technical evaluation and the results are both surprising and potentially hazardous.

Dr Gavin Smith, the leader of the Novus Sealing technical team, says the company has been shocked to find that camprofile gaskets are supplied with so little regard to quality and the very arduous service conditions in which they have to operate.

\\$quot;We have found instances where welding and grinding operations have left the gasket with no chance of sealing and every possibility of creating a major incident\\$quot;.

Novus Sealing has continued an investment programme that ensures that camprofile gaskets are manufactured to the highest standards. The production process ensures that customers can enjoy gaskets up to three metres in diameter without welds contrasting dramatically to gaskets containing as many as eight welds in a diameter of less than 1.5 metres.

Where welding is necessary at above three metres the alignment and height of the gasket cams are the same as the surrounding material, only possible through investment in special equipment and expertise.