JP Sercel Associates (JPSA)of the US has declared that its new self-contained industrial excimer laser base ensures an excimer laser system and its gas supply are now portable, and can be shipped and set-up without expensive plant gas and ventilation system installations.

In addition to eliminating gas and ventilation system installations, the laser base has a single ventilated enclosure that reduces the total exhaust volume for improved heating and cooling costs. This further improves safety, since all the gases from the supply and the laser are in the same location. Additionally, the laser can be transported away from a process location for repairs or maintenance with very little downtime for high-duty cycle applications.

Rick Slagle, Sales and Marketing Director, commented, “This product allows excimer laser users to maximize safety, productivity and cost-efficiency for new or existing lasers, in a wide variety of industrial settings. Excimer lasers provide the highest power levels of all industrial UV (ultraviolet) lasers for materials processing. This product just makes them easier to install and use.”

“This new system is also especially helpful for facilities that require a laser to be portable, e.g., movable to different experiments such as remote sensing, transportable or airborne applications dedicated to specific applications or processes. It safely eliminates the need for expensive plant plumbing, dual ventilation drops, and complicated, expensive hookups,” he added.

JPSA's industrial laser base is available with a number of options, including an integrated cooling system, activated carbon air filtration, and the company's advanced computer interface software.

The integrated module can accommodate the excimer laser, the gas handling system, power supply, vacuum pump, gas bottles, and more and can be moved as a single unit and relatively quickly hooked up to the workstation that needs to run the product.