On Site Gas Systems, the US provider of portable and fixed oxygen and nitrogen generating systems, has received FDA 5109(k) approval to market its Portable Oxygen Generating System (POGS) for disaster relief and emergency applications.

The life-saving product was designed for the urgent need of medical oxygen in harsh, remote locations and has helped to save thousands of lives world-wide.

On Site Gas Systems’ POGS units are fully self-contained, compact turnkey systems that are 4-person portable and used daily by hospitals, clinics, first aid responders and emergency disaster relief teams, as well as US military forces around the world.

Each system can be operated independently or in multiple combinations to provide unlimited oxygen flow 24 hours per day, and is capable of producing up to 33 LPM of USP 93% oxygen and 30 LPM of medical grade air both at 50 PSI, also capable of filling cylinders up to 2200 PSI.

The system can be utilised to fill cylinders and maintain a constant supply of oxygen, while mobile field hospitals can use the system as a direct feed to a medical application, using the medical air to operate equipment and having the ability to fill cylinders.

At the same time Down Under, the benefits of On Site Gas Systems’ nitrogen generators have again been demonstrated locally with the new installation of such a system into The Australian Museum.

The Australian Museum installed the on-site nitrogen generator to feed its controlled atmosphere chamber for preservation and conservation of various display items, the chamber requiring an uninterrupted flow of high purity nitrogen gas over long periods of time.

On Site Gas Systems’ Australian General Manager Rodney Rodrigues commented, “It was a special win for us as one of our on-site gas generators is installed in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, so it seemed fitting that we now also have a system in a renowned museum locally.