The European industrial gases business is a changing marketplace, striving to realise renewed growth while also subject to changes in market structure, a transformation in technologies and challenges in its macroeconomic climate.

Growth has been relatively flat in most West European markets due to their relative maturity, whereas their East European counterparts have fared slightly better. Both have been concerned with very different geopolitical factors. All of which has left the European industrial gases industry with the conundrum of how to carve out the next era of expansion and best position itself to capture tomorrow’s opportunities.

At the forefront of those opportunities is the development of clean energy economies, with Europe at the heart of this transition and the industrial gas and equipment industry perfectly positioned to play a leading role in enabling a cleaner, greener future for all. Understanding this new business environment and exactly where the challenges and opportunities lie – as well as making the right strategic moves now – will be key to future success and sustainability tomorrow.

gasworld’s Europe Conference 2018, will provide insight into the little known and little understood but fast-growing distributive LNG business and the continued ramp-up of the Hydrogen Economy. A progressive agenda will deliver several experts that will present and debate subjects to provide key ‘takeaways’ to help companies consider their future strategic role in the clean energy sector.

With the theme, Positioning Today for Tomorrow’s Opportunities, the event will take place at the Beurs van Berlage Conference Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 23rd April – 25th April 2018.

Panel sessions will include thought-provoking subjects, engaging debate and discussion, and the insight required to ensure you don’t get left behind by this window of opportunity. An exhibition booth programme will take place between sessions over the 2+ days, where attendees can visit leading technology providers in these fields to discuss the solutions that will support their company as it responds to change and positions itself for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Day 1 – The Hydrogen Economy

The Hydrogen Economy has been talked about, invested in and debated for around 20 years, so this is not necessarily new. What is new or changing, however, is that the Hydrogen Economy is being redefined.

The drive to phase out the traditional combustion engine for hydrogen or fuel cell-powered vehicles was the original focus; hydrogen and energy storage evolved alongside automotive or mobility applications. The Hydrogen Economy is now evolving further to encompass the production of hydrogen through ‘green’ routes.

Day 1 of the conference will be dedicated to tackling this continuously evolving definition of the H2 Economy, what means today, and where is it developing and growing within Europe.

Air Liquide’s Vice-President of Hydrogen Energy WBU, Pierre-Etienne Franc, will raise the curtain on the progressive event as the opening keynote speaker. Also Secretary of The Hydrogen Council and Chairman of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), Franc will deliver a rousing and insightful opening address on the momentum in the hydrogen economy and the continued urgency and developments required.

Panel Session 1 will then ensue, involving key stakeholders and discourse from the hydrogen energy sector, Chaired by Ian Williamson (European Hydrogen Association) and including representation from the automotive sector, AkzoNobel and a safety/compliance perspective from Dr. Nick Hart of ITM Power, the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) and numerous standardisations committees.

With the status of the European Hydrogen Economy and current national governmental and EU supported initiatives suitably explored, Panel Session 2 will turn to the latest technologies to support the hydrogen economy. Debating regional hydrogen fuelling networks, the hydrogen gas supply chain, and traditional versus renewable (‘green’) hydrogen production will be a Denis Thomas (Hydrogenics Europe), Dr. Cornelius Von Der heydt (Hydrogenious Technologies), Dr. Andreas Broecker (Linde Technology & Innovation), Prof. Marcus Newborough (ITM Power), and many others.

An afternoon booth programme and evening dinner and drinks reception will complete the day.

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Source: gasworld

Day 2 – Distributive LNG

Day two of the conference is where this event will really come into its own. Almost 100% of the discussion (at conferences and events) and general business activity related to natural gas is geared to sources, pipelines, LNG liquefiers, terminals, re-gasification and geo-political issues influencing the industry. There is very little coverage or discussion on Distributive LNG – that is, LNG delivered by road, rail or ISO container.

The drive and necessity of liquefying natural gas in order to move the energy vector around the world has raised growth opportunities within the industrial gas and equipment sector – especially related to the technological synergies between LNG and cryogenic industrial gases. It has even lead to some gas companies exploring or moving into the supply chain.

Due to a lack of coverage of this side of the business, however, there is less understanding of the real opportunities for Distributive LNG across the world and especially in Europe. Experiences are mixed, and players are diverse. Picking up the baton of clean energy transition, Day 2 of this conference is a summit in itself, focusing on all aspects of Distributive LNG – from transport and storage, to the latest natural gas filling stations and remote/stranded end-user locations. Panel sessions will also effectively debate, who should be ‘playing’ in this business?

Being so well positioned in the energy sector, global quality assurance and risk management company DNV GL will open Day 2, with Johan Knijp (Area Manager Oil & Gas Netherlands and Head of Fuel and Energy Transition Section) providing the keynote address. Knijp will discuss the energy transition and the integral role that LNG has to play in this, setting the scene for a day of discussion and debate.

Panel Session 3 will then take shape, exploring the current state of play in Europe, opportunities and for who, safety, and the markets for Distributive LNG. This will be followed by Q&A, a coffee break and then a reconvening of debate for Panel Session 4, focusing on Distributive LNG technologies. Chaired by Cryostar President Samuel Zouaghi, this session will explore LNG fuel stations, storage and distribution equipment and microbulk, cryogenic flow meters, and pump and valve technologies. Stakeholders in this session include key innovators in the business, namely Chart Ferox, Herose GmbH, ACD Cryo and Cryostar itself.

Again, an afternoon devoted to booth programme time and networking, as well as After-Glo drinks, will complete the day and conclude the conference.

With such a progressive agenda in place and a platform for a meeting of minds in the clean energy transition, gasworld is not only shaking up its format for this event, but also providing delegates, speakers and sponsors alike with a toolkit of takeaways to strategically map out their future role in this sector. Make this a must-attend event for your company and ensure you don’t get left behind.

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