New technologies recently unveiled at Praxair in Tonawanda, New York, could markedly reduce the levels of carbon emissions at coal-fired power plants.

Working together with three other companies and the University of Buffalo, Praxair is developing technology that will capture carbon dioxide during the power-generating process and permanently store it underground.

George Rusk, vice president of Ecology and Environment in Lancaster and one of the partners in the project, indicated the new technology would make the power generated even cleaner and commented, $quot;We will have much reduced emissions of such traditional pollutants as nitrous oxide, sulphur oxide and mercury. The data we've seen from boiler manufacturers on this are that we will approach zero emissions. That's a very significant development.$quot;

The new technology will be tested at a new power generating plant being built by the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities and, if successful, it is estimated that this technology would have a $900m annual economic impact in New York, creating around 3,500 new jobs.