McPhy Energy, which designs, manufactures and integrates hydrogen (H2) equipment for the energy and industrial sectors, has won the call for tenders issued by Energiedienst, the hydroelectricity specialist from Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

McPhy Energy will be supporting Energiedienst to set up a green H2 production facility at the site of its Wyhlen hydroelectric power plant, supplying it with a 1 MW H2 generation unit.

The Group will also manage this facility’s maintenance under a long-term contract and will support Energiedienst to monetise its production for applications in industrial markets, as well as zero-emission mobility and injection into gas networks.

This project for a green H2 production facility, which will be delivered at the end of 2017, is part of the renewable energy storage program based on H2 technologies launched by the German foundation ZSW.

Irene Knauber, member of the management of Energiedienst, emphasises the project’s important contribution to energy transition and climate protection, “We plan to use the produced H2 primarily for fuel cell cars. With our green electricity coming from hydropower, we empower climate-neutral mobility besides electromobility. With McPhy we have an experienced partner for alkaline electrolysis on our side to produce environmental friendly H2 from green electricity.”

Pascal Mauberger, McPhy Energy’s Chairman and CEO, commented, “Following the project in China’s Hebei Province and the GRTgaz project in France, the green H2 production facility for the Wyhlen hydroelectric power plant is the third call for tenders won in 2016 with our Power-to-Gas solutions. With this latest contract, McPhy Energy’s teams will have installed more than 13 MW of high-capacity electrolysers, making it possible to produce more than 5 tonnes of green H2 each day.”

Mauberger concludes, “We would like to thank the teams from Energiedienst for placing their confidence and trust in us to support them on this project, which will help capitalise on surplus renewable electricity in Germany, which is number two worldwide for renewable energy.”