PowerCell Sweden AB has received a strategically important repeat order for a S3 fuel cell stack for additional tests from a global automotive OEM.

Delivery is expected to take place during the fourth quarter this year.

Earlier this year the automotive OEM placed an order for S3 fuel cell stacks and MS-100 fuel cell systems. The company now wants to expand its tests of fuel cells and has decided to order another PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack.

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Source: PowerCell Sweden

The S3 stack is the most powerful of all PowerCell stacks and combine compact design with low weight and high-power density. The stack has been specifically designed and developed for automotive applications.

“The automotive industry is facing an unavoidable transformation as it becomes increasingly obvious that the climate crisis is happening right here and right now, and not a hundred years from now,” Per Wassén, PowerCell’s CEO, explained.

“This puts the automotive OEMs under a great pressure to electrify their drivetrains, and fuel cells running on hydrogen (H2) offer a number of advantages compared to batteries as they provide an electric drive without limited range or time-consuming charging.”

A vehicle running on H2 and fuel cells can be filled up almost as quickly as a vehicle running on fossil fuels and has approximately the same range.

Another advantage is that electrification with fuel cells and H2 does not require investments in a specific charging station infrastructure. A fuel cell running on H2 produces electricity with no other exhausts than pure water.

“If we added a H2 pump on existing gas stations we could have a rapid electrification where we retained all the benefits of fossil fuels without having any of its disadvantages – such a network of H2 pumps is currently being established in Norway, California and Germany.”