PowerCell Sweden has received a SEK 2m ($215,500) order from a leading German car manufacturer for tests of fuel cell stacks.

The tests, to be carried out during the second quarter of 2019, will be performed in the new fuel cell laboratory that PowerCell inaugurated last fall.

The new laboratory is one of the world’s most powerful fuel cell laboratories and comprises two test beds, each with a testing capacity for fuel cells and fuel cell systems of up to 150kW, providing PowerCell with an additional total testing capacity of 300kW.

Exclusive: Inside PowerCell Sweden’s new lab

The new laboratory facility also enables PowerCell to run more realistic test cycles and consequently provides a more accurate basis for evaluation.

“We have a well-invested facility that is one of the most sophisticated of its kind in the world,” Per Wassén, CEO of PowerCell said. “We also have highly skilled personnel with unparalleled experience in fuel cell technology so it’s no coincidence that a leading German car manufacturer turns to us for this type of testing.”