AFC Energy has announced that it has received confirmation from PowerHouse Energy plc, of the company’s first commercial sale of small-scale alkaline hydrogen (H2) fuel cell system.

In accordance with the order from PowerHouse, AFC Energy will deliver the system once all parties are satisfied and it is confirmed that the PowerHouse G3-UHt Ultra-high temperature waste gasification system has been successfully recommissioned and is generating a H2 stream specification appropriate for the operation of the AFC Energy proprietary fuel cell system.

The system is expected to be delivered to the Thorton Science Park in Chester in the Q4 of 2017 with the intention of demonstrating the technical integration of the AFC Energy fuel cell system with PowerHouse’s G3-UHt system, which is presently en-route from Australia to the UK.

AFC Energy will be able to access test data from the integrated system as it relates to the fuel cell once commissioned on an on-going basis.

If successfully demonstrated at the Thornton Science Park in Chester, PowerHouse’s modular and distributed power generation from waste technology has the ability to be rolled out across a number of additional locations in the UK and internationally.

Adam Bond, AFC Energy’s CEO, said, “Powerhouse Energy’s order confirmation today for its first small scale fuel cell system builds on a number of significant opportunities AFC Energy is developing internationally for its fuel cell systems. It further evidences the growing number of opportunities for AFC Energy right here in the UK where growth in and momentum behind the H2 economy is becoming increasingly real”.