Plug Power Inc., a leader in providing clean, reliable energy solutions celebrates the last stop on its milestone Plug POWERTrip, a six-city road show intended to present the company’s success to its investment community.

Plug Power will host guests at the Willard InterContinental for presentations delivered by CEO Andy Marsh and General Counsel Gerry Conway. The Plug POWERTrip also welcomes remarks from special guest US Congressman Chris Gibson.

Congressman Chris Gibson represents the people of New York’s 19th Congressional District, including many employees at Plug Power.

Throughout his Congressional career, Congressman Gibson has been a fervent supporter of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. Through bi-partisan leadership as a member of Congress, Gibson demonstrates his understanding of what it takes to make a clean energy business successful in upstate New York.

“I am delighted to help recognize Plug Power’s leadership and innovation in the field of renewable energy,” said Congressman Gibson. “Plug Power and its skilled workforce have proven that fuel cells are a critical component of our efforts to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and lower energy costs. I am proud of their presence in Upstate New York and their continued progress in making these important technologies accessible to businesses and consumers across the country.”

“The Plug POWERTrip has helped bring a wealth of information to our investors, and there is no better way to wrap up the tour than remarks from such an influential leader of our national energy policy and green technology adoption,” said Andy Marsh, CEO at Plug Power. “We welcome Congressman Gibson and all guests, in person and on the live broadcast, to our event this morning.”