Norweigan technology company Powerzeek has set up an office in the San Francisco Bay Area as it expands into North America.

Provides a platform and online marketplace for cleaner fuels to the shipping sector, Powerzeek’s new office is located in Palo Alto, at the Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley – a co-working space bringing together innovative companies from Norway and other Nordic countries.

“As a tech company providing a marine fuel marketplace to the global shipping industry, it is natural for us to be present in the US,” Dag Lilletvedt, founder and CEO of Powerzeek said.

“We expect US-based ship owners and oil & gas companies to become a major customer base of ours going forward.”

“The reason for choosing the San Francisco Bay Area as our US base is the immense technology competence that is in the Silicon Valley. As a technology company ourselves, we see great potential in collaboration with this world-renowned community.”

“In addition, our focus is on making it easier for ships to use cleaner fuels, and with California´s focus on cleantech and reducing emissions it is natural to be based here.”

Powerzeek open office in SF - Dag and Gro

Source: Powerzeek