Messer has received recognition for the longstanding accident-free operation of its plants.

At this year’s European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) in Brussels, Messer received seven awards for accident-free operations.

Among the award winners was Messer’s Polish subsidiary, which received the 2008 safety award for achieving the best safety at work; this coveted award only goes to companies that have achieved the lowest number of accidents in the industry over the last 12 months.

Also recognised was the Messer company in Slovakia, which boasts 15 accident-free years, the Serbian, celebrating 10 years without an accident, and the Croatian and Hungarian plants, for five years work without a single accident to report.

Messer operations in Switzerland and Spain received honours for plant safety, and for five years operation without an accident.
The production, sale, transport and not least the use of technical gases in the areas of industry, research and science, calls for a high degree of safety.

EIGA association members work together to achieve the highest possible standards for safety and environmental protection for the production, transport and use of gases.

Since June 2008, the Messer Group has also been a member of the European Road Safety Charter working group.

With its signature of the European charter, Messer has committed itself to supporting the joint aim of the European Union, of cutting by half the number of traffic fatalities on European roads by the year 2010.