Praxair announced that Praxair Distribution in Canada and Lordco Parts Ltd., have signed a seven year agreement for Praxair to be the company’s exclusive supplier of compressed industrial welding gases.

Lordco is Canada’s largest independent distributor of automotive and industrial supplies. With 82 auto superstores the firm is well positioned to serve such welding gases customers as auto body shops, industrial accounts, small contractors, welding hobbyists and artists.

Lordco president and owner, Ed Coates, said: \\$quot;This past decade has seen Lordco enjoy tremendous growth in sales volume in virtually all divisions of our company.

“Lordco prides itself on being a \\$quot;full service, one-stop\\$quot; automotive parts distributor and many of our customers also require a ready supply of compressed gases in their businesses. To support them properly, we realised that we needed to become a full fledged industrial gas distributor.\\$quot;