Praxair has recently announced the commercial introduction of its new wireless pressure monitoring service for remote management of cylinder gases.

The new remote cylinder monitoring service consists of wireless communication gauges, routers, gateways and an on-site station computer.

Customers of this service will be able to view their individual cylinder pressures and actual product usage from any PC with an internet connection through a web-based application.

The company will initially offer two levels of service \\$quot;“ silver and gold.

The Silver-level service displays the status of the customer\\$quot;s cylinder pressures, with customisable lower, upper and critical or warning levels for each product in use.

The Gold-level service provides many of the same features as the Silver service, plus gas-use trending and prediction features, and automatic notification when it\\$quot;s time to re-order gases. Additionally, with Gold-level service, customers can transition to Praxair\\$quot;s on-line ordering site to purchase replacement gases.

Scott Nash, technical and laboratory supervisor at Niagara University\\$quot;s chemistry department realizes the usefulness of the system and comments: "Now with this system we are able to monitor our gases without ever leaving our offices."