Praxair announced the start-up of a nitric oxide (NO) plant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, US.

This plant produces 99.5 per cent pure nitric oxide and will be able to satisfy most of the anticipated demand for the non-FDA-regulated (Food and Drug Administration) applications of this product in North America. Nitric oxide is a component of calibration standards used in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-mandated emissions testing. It is also used as an inhibiting agent for certain process reactions in the chemical industry.

Prior to this plant start-up, Praxair purchased nitric oxide from overseas sources. With this facility in operation, Praxair will now be able to provide products to the industrial gases market in North America and worldwide.

Paul Kibbe, Praxair’s director of specialty gas marketing, said: \\$quot;This new plant gives us the capability to offer quality nitric oxide and nitric oxide mixtures with significantly improved lead times to better serve our customers.”