Engineers can only be as good as the information and training they’re given – so Servomex had to supply the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge to Praxair’s operations in Brazil, to ensure their gas analyser fleet maintains optimum performance.

A team of top service engineers undertook training at the White Martins gases facility in Santo André, Brazil, as part of Servomex’s new SERVOTECH dedicated training programme.

Replacing traditional training that delivers prescriptive information irrespective of the client’s needs, SERVOTECH builds the focus around the specific business and performance requirements of any engineering team.

The result was focused training, designed and delivered by Global Training Manager Stuart Rye, which ensured the team was guided through all relevant challenges that could be faced in maintaining operations specific to typical Praxair plants.

In addition, Servomex needed to address the day-to-day realities for engineers operating in Brazil, given the demands placed on a small team by the considerable size and complicated geography of the country. Training therefore concentrated on optimising equipment performance and long-term maintenance solutions.

“Servomex is not here for ‘the sale’, we’re here for the business solution that benefits a partnership,” said Claire Lucarino, VP of Customer Support for Servomex Americas.

“The solution in this case was not ‘this is what Servomex does’, but ‘What does Praxair need?’, so we needed to build a platform in our training that said ‘We can do all this to help you’.”

The training programme in Brazil followed hot-on-the-heels of a similar SERVOTECH session with US-based Praxair engineers, at the Servomex Americas Business Centre in Sugar Land, Texas.

SERVOTECH training centres are also based in Shanghai, China for Asia Pacific customers, while EMEA customers benefit from new facilities based at Servomex’s newly opened Technical Centre in the UK.