Praxair Canada Inc., has now gained the necessary approvals to sell its Noxivent brand of inhaled nitric oxide in Canada, thought to be prompted by its latest acquisition.

The Tier One player acquired UK-based business NOxBOX last month, which specialises in manufacturing of inhaled gas delivery and monitoring instruments for the medical market.

Notably, NOxBOX’s NOxBOXiTM system provides intelligent nitric oxide (NOx) delivery for in-hospital use.

The wholly-owned subsidiary’s Noxivent gas is used for the treatment of new-borns up to 34 weeks old, to improve oxygenation in cases of hypoxic respiratory failure.

Sean Durbin, President of Praxair Canada, outlined, “With this approval from Health Canada, we will pair the Noxivent product with the NOxBOXi delivery system, enabling us to provide our Canadian hospital customers with a comprehensive respiratory offering in a cost-effective manner.”

Following these necessary approvals being granted, Noxivent gas will now be available for sale and in the North American country in 800 parts per million (ppm) and 100 ppm concentrations.