Praxair Chemax Semiconductor Materials has announced the opening of an operations centre located in Tainan in southern Taiwan.

The facility located near the Tainan Science Park will offer technical support as well as just-in-time delivery of such products as silane, ammonia, phosphine, arsine and nitrogen triflouride.

Mike Marino, managing director Praxair Electronics gases, said: \\$quot;Praxair continues to demonstrate its commitment to serve the growing Taiwan market by providing local support for our customers.

\\$quot;The addition of the operations centre in Tainan, along with our facility located near Hsinchu, enables us to support a broad customer base throughout the country.\\$quot;

Joyce Chen, president of Praxair Chemax Semiconductor Materials, added: \\$quot;Praxair has made a substantial investment in providing products and services for our customers in Taiwan and will continue to invest in their future needs and requirements.\\$quot;

Praxair Chemax Semiconductor Materials is a joint venture between Praxair and China Petrochemical Development.