Praxair China has signed an oxygen supply deal with the leading Japanese paper manufacturer, Oji Paper Co.

Praxair China has signed a contract to supply oxygen for pulp bleaching in the processing of paper products to Jiangsu Oji Paper Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Oji Paper Co., the leading paper manufacturer in Japan and one of the largest paper products manufacturers worldwide.

“Praxair China is pleased to establish the partnership with Oji Paper,” said Minda Ho, President of Praxair China. “We will continue to demonstrate our world-class gas supply service to support this prominent project in the global paper industry.”

Under the contract, Praxair China will build an on-site vacuum-pressure-swing-adsorption system to supply oxygen to the Jiangsu Oji Paper Project located in Nantong, Jiangsu province. This on-site gas facility is expected to start up at the end of 2012. The Jiangsu Oji Paper Project is the largest industrial project that Japan has invested in China so far, and also the largest overseas investment project of Oji Paper Group.